Phonetic exercises

                 Здесь собраны примеры фонетических разминок

i (1)

1. I see a pen on the desk. I see a hen at the door. I see a clock on the bench. I see a cat on the floor.

2. One, two, three let me see Who likes coffee and who likes tea One, two, three now I see I like coffee, and you like tea.

3. The frog is green, green, green. And so is the tree. One, two, three Red, red, red the rose. Blue, blue, blue the dress. Grey, grey, grey the rat. And so is the cat.

4. One, one, one- Little dog, run! Two, two, two- Cats see you. Three, three, three- Birds on the tree. Four, four, four- Rats on the floor.

5. I have a hare, I have a bear. My toys are here, my toys are there. I have a horse, have a fox, I have a brown cow. I have a hen, I have a chick. And I am playing now.

6. Look at the boy – he has a toy Look at the doll – she has a doll. Look at the cat – it has a hat. Look at the pig – it is very big.

7. I have two eyes and I can see A book and a pen in front of me. I see a window and a door. I see the ceiling and the floor.

8. I have a little dog And his name is Jack. His head is white And his ears are black 9.

9. I like to read, I like to play, I like to study every day. I like to jump, I like to run, I like to play, Its fun. 10.

10. Your friend is his friend. His friend is her friend. Her friend is your friend. But who then is my friend? Your friends are our friends.

11. Звуки: [t,n,l] сочетания букв ght, ight, то есть почти все звуки и «на альвеолах»,  носовое «n» и «межзубные». 

    One,two,three, four, five,

     Once I caught a fish alive,

     Six, seven, eight, nine, ten,

     Then I let it go again.

     Why did you let it go?

     Because it bit my finger so.

     Which finger did it bite?

     The litle finger on the right.

12. Звук [w]:

     Why do you cry Willy?

    Why do you cry?

    Why Willy? Why Willy?

    Why, Willy, why?

13. Звуки [s] и [межзубные]

 A skunk sat on a stump and thunk — a stamp stank!

But a stump thunk — a skunk stank.

14. Звуки [s] и [sh]

She sells sea shells at the sea shore.

The shells she sells are surely sea shells.

So if she sells shells on the seashor,

I’m sure she sells seashor shells.

15. Межзубные — глухой и звонкий, дни недели

Monday for health

Tuesday for wealth

Wednesday the best day for all

Thursday for crosses

Friday for losses

Saturday not luck at all

16. Альвеолярные, «p, b, h, w»

See a pin and pick it up

All that day you will have luck

See a pin and let it lay

You’ll have bad luck all that day

17. «B, t,»

Betty Botta bought some butter,

But she said, the butter’s bitter.

If I put it in my batter,

It will make my batter bitter.

But a bit of better butter

Will make my batter better.

So she bought a bit of butter

Better than her bitter butter.

And she put it in her batter

And the batter was not bitter.

So t’was better Betty Botta

Bought a bit of better butter.




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